We had 1 entry in our Youth Category.  Emily entered a quilt entitled “Baby
Meredith’s First Quilt.”  I hope we will be seeing more from Emily in the years to
come.  Seeing as her great aunt is Lori Ramsey I think we will.  Thanks for sharing
it with us.

If you’d like to see all the quilts and either order a CD or computer access to
prints, please go to
Here are some pictures from the 2nd floor balcony overseeing the whole show.
Picture of the 25 quilts we auctioned off on Sunday and also the quilts decorating the 2nd floor railing.
Hand’s down the favorite quilt, which was awarded the “Best of Show” award, was Lori Ramsey’s “Paper Piecing Bonanza.”  This
was a Judy Niemeyer pattern called Fire Island Hosts.  Lori went to Palm Desert once a week for 6 weeks taking a class at
Monica’s Quilts and Beads-now that is dedication.  And this was her first time paper-piecing.
These ladies were so cute checking out the other quilts.  They were the winners in the Appliqué Medium category.
From left to right.  1st Place-Pat Adair with “Circling the Circles”, 2nd place-Lori Davies with “Once Upon  a Time”, and 3rd
Place-Sandy Dikdan with “Whimsical Dinos.”
Winners in the Applique Small category.
L to R.  1st Place-Ann Liebovitz “Fantasy Flower Pentaptych”, 2nd Place-Joyce
Allen  “Leo”, 3rd Place- Jerilee Malley “Sunday Poppies.”
And in the Art category.
L to R.  1st Place-Ann Leibovitz “Quintangle”, 2nd Place-Jerrie Ward “Lazy
Daisy Basket”, 3rd Place-Brandi Kelly-Contreras “Jack-O-Lanterns.”
Winners in the Mixed Techniques Category.
L to R. 3rd Place- Frances Moore (she was not able to make it but did send
her quilt) “Water Poppies”, 2nd Place- Susan Kappelman “Latin Jazz Pepper
Dish” and 1st Place-Carol Lynn Machado-Guarino “A Gardener’s Alphabet.”
Winners in the Modern category.
L to R.  1st Place-Kim King “Alyssa”, 2nd Place-Deb Faris “Prismatic
Diamonds” and 3rd Place-Annette Morales “Tree of Life.”
Here are the winners for the Original category.  I forgot to let Pat know to bring this quilt, so on stage she did not have the
quilt but was able to get a picture to me later.
Top picture, 1st place-PatAdair with “Forest Green Meets Brick Red Madela”
2nd picture L to R. 2nd Place- Ricky Bragg “Out of Africa”, 3rd Place-Carolee Schuegrf “Japanese Cranes”, and Pat Adair with
her ribbon.
We had over 66 entries in the piecing category.  Our admissions team decided to
split it into 5 categories.  At the time we thought naming them from Extra Small
to Extra Large fit…well didn’t quite match the size of the quilts.  We will have to
review how we divide these categories in the future.

These were the winners in the Extra Small Category.  Yup definitely need to work
on the names of the categories or the size of them.
L to R. 3rd Place-Terry Gutierrez “Here Be Dragons”, Joanie Wolf  “Twister
Pumpkin” (Joanie was not able to be there but sent her quilt), 1st Place-Sandra
Szladek was behind her winning “New York Beauty” quilt.
In the Pieced Small category.
L to R. 3rd Place-Rita Stoll “Dresden Fans”, 1st Place-Cindy Haaland “Old Glory”,
and 2nd Place-Betsy Morgan “Flamingo Shirts.”
Winners in the Pieced Medium category.
L to R. 2nd Place- Susan Kappelman “Bali Sunrise on the Ocean”, 1st Place-Brandi
Kelly-Contreras “Mom’s Sewing Room” and 3rd Place-Lori Davies “Patriotic
Stargello” (sorry she was cut out of the photo).
Pieced Large category.
L to R. 2nd Place-Brandi Kelly-Contreras “M-Maze”, 3rd Place-Patty Winters with
“Patty’s Quilt” and 1st Place- Lori Ramsey “Paper Piecing Bonanza.”
These were definitely Extra Large Quilts.
Winners L to R.
1st Place-Linda Castle “Haze Kilim”, 2nd Place-Robin Gallagher “Amish with a
Twist”, and 3rd Place-Cindy Haaland “Double Wedding Ring.”
The theme of this year’s quilt show was “Working Together-Teaching, Sharing, and
Caring”.  So of course we needed a category for these special quilts that were
made by a group of people.  We had many entries as we had a round robin quilt
challenge in 2014 in which you start with a center block and then each month your
quilt went to someone else where they put a border around it while you put a
border on someone else’s quilt.  While none of those were in the winning category
it sure was fun to see all the finished quilts from that challenge.

Winners in the Group/Theme category.
L to R. 3rd Place-Brandi Kelly-Contreras “Bears at the Cabin”, 1st Place-Ricky
Bragg “Another Day in Paradise” and 2nd Place-Linda Fowler “Mom’s Dresden
Besides the construction categories, people could vote for the quilting.  We put
these into 3 categories.  Long-Arm quilted, Domestic or Sit-Down Mid-arm quilted,
and Hand-Quilted.

Winners for the Long-Arm Quilting category.
L to R. 2nd Place-Susan Kappelman “Latin Jazz Pepper Dish” quilted by Susan, 1st
Place-Brandi Kelly-Contreras “Bears at the Cabin” quilted by Annette Morales, and
1stPlace-Kim King “Blue and White Double Nine-Patch” quilted by Dawn Cynamon.
Winners in the Domestic category are two of our fabulous quilters.
L to r. 2nd Place-Ann Leibovitz “Quintangle”, Pat Adair is in between her winning
quilts, 1st Place-“Pat’s Tree Farm” and 3rd Place-“Spring has Sprung.”
October to teach you.  For more information go to our “Workshops” tab.

Winner L to R. 1st Place-Linda Fowler “Mom’s Dresden Plates”, 2nd Place-Patty
Winters “All Those Yesterdays”, and 3rd Place- Carolee Schuegraf “Magenta Lone